G SUEN is a sculpture jewels studio, co-founded by Gearry Suen and Jing Zhao, in London.

We create jewels to push boundaries of art & wear. Our search for the vivid and the one-of-a-kind leads along an incisive, inquisitive and impressionist journey.

The chimera phenomenon is essential to our philosophy. G SUEN’s chimera is all contrast and dynamic interaction: Cultural connections between East and West, past and present meeting with the future, the relationship between digital and analogue.

Core to G SUEN is the link between tradition and innovation. To create entirely novel jewels, we mix dynastic craftsmanship techniques such as jade carving with the latest technology, such as virtual reality.

The chromatic palette is deeply researched, balanced and completely unique. Stone and metal colours are selected on very modern standards, such as photo filters, as much as on traditional influences, such as mural restoration methods.

We believe that jewellery is a reflection of the world we live in. This mission of contemporaneity grants G SUEN Sculpture Jewels with intrinsic originality. Bespoke-coloured titanium, full breadth of light reflection, shapes emerging from VR and wearable newness are what G SUEN stands for.

Jing Zhao


Modern Jewellery
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