Free Play of Aesthetics

GAELLE KHOURI’s DNA lies in a three-dimensional approach to design, well-rooted in each piece and presented as both, philosophical ideas and aesthetic objects.

Handmade from a mixology of the finest natural materials, the pieces are created from a natural organic thinking process and fall under one of the below categories:

Eléments Vivants. A collection of pieces that explore the idea of nature and generate a fresh vision of the environmental experience. From the subdued to the bold, the pieces present a short meditation on how to interpret the natural world.

Répertoire de Formes. A collection that explores the idea of form. The pieces delve into a comprehension of elemental shapes and forms and reflect on their various manifestations away from a simplistic view. Much like the intangible realm of the mind, the pieces have intricate forms and movement which are freely thought and carved in ways to infuse sensuality into thoughts.

Gaelle El Khoury
 +971 56 205 7287


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