Serendipity Jewelry

Serendipity Jewelry was founded by Christine Chen in 2017 in Paris. Its luxury jewels combine a respect for nature, respect for freedom and respect for oneself, so that each piece of jewelry has its own attitude, temperature and depth. Serendipity Jewelry is a surprise beyond the norm.
In 2023, Serendipity Jewelry moved to 16 Place Vendôme.
Serendipity·Vision : Unexpected encounters, beating hearts, Senrendipty has as ambition to witness each important moment of your life with its extraordinary jewelry creations.

Christine Chen
 16 Place Vendome Paris 75001 FRANCE
 +33 6 56 66 86 66


Diamonds - Coloured Diamonds - Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones - Natural Pearls
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