Studio Renn

Studio Renn is a Bombay-based jewelry design practice founded in 2018 by Rahul and Roshni Jhaveri. Years spent in the company of artists — in studios, galleries and museums — studying and collecting art culminated in Studio Renn, which was born out of the need to create and for self-expression. The precious wearables are beautifully imperfect — and are always a bit off-center.

True to the name Renn, which means rebirth, the Studio explores concepts and perspectives, realizing abstract ideas and feelings through fine jewelry. This is the philosophy that guides Studio Renn, in pursuit of a creative space for experimentation and development of works of art, including jewelry.

Rahul Jhaveri - Co-founder & Creative Director
 Mumbai INDIA
 +91 9833026639


Contemporary Jewellery
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