Founded in 1996, the company evolved from the treasury of the earth’s rarest gems into the exquisite jewellery house. TENZO brings together art and design, sublime proportions and emotive colour, natural gemstones and awe-inspiring workmanship.
The world-class team of craftsmen explores ultra-refined techniques, engraved and patinated gold settings, fluid articulations and delicate, airy settings of the gems. Also they mix their own warm, rich, soft burnished tone of gold and work with flexible but tenacious alloys. All of these add finesse and intricate details to one of a kind jewels and art objects. TENZO breathes new life into the traditional art of stone-carving, cameos, intaglios and thrilling life-like carved stone figures, animals and flowers.
TENZO collections were presented in Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg as well as in private exhibitions in London, Singapore, Monaco.

Alexander Tenzo
 Suve tn 2. 10149 Tallinn ESTONIA
 +372 502 9619


Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones - Modern Jewellery
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