Wallis Hong

Wallis is a self-taught multidisciplinary jewellery artist based in Spain.
The China-born artist’s mother is a musician and art collector and it was his mother’s aesthetic influence that made Wallis sensitive to art and jewellery from an early age.

Wallis studied sculpture and painting at the Madrid Academy of Art. As a perfectionist by temperament, he always seeks to learn as many jewellery making skills as he is able to from the very best master jewellers around the world, in his aim to perfect the structures of his jewellery creations.

Wallis’s work is miniature sculpture and explores diverse materials and many different fields of craftsmanship. His creativity is inspired by nature, marine life, cytology, botany, religion, mythology, and more.

Recently, he has been creating unique bold large-scale jewellery sculptures with a remarkable lightness and that incorporate the intricate and exacting age-old Chinese tradition of hollow out jade carving – the pinnacle of jade art.

He is currently exploring how to utilise glass elements in his future collections.

Wallis’s otherworldly imagination and dynamic curiosity are a signature of his creative talent and his work has been praised by many celebrities who appreciate innovative high jewellery.

Wallis Hong
 Madrid 28013 SPAIN


Modern Jewellery
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