A G Color Inc.

A G Color inc. since its inception in 1998 have been servicing both wholesale and retail customers both in USA and Worldwide. We have been known for cutting exceptional cut and quality Tanzanite.and carry a large selection of calieberated and 3ct upto 200ct singles,perfectly matched pairs,suites,fancy cuts,drops and cabouchans. We have won AGTA Spectrum awards 12 times for exceptional cut tanzanite pairs and suites With A G Diajewels inception we have gone a step forward with creating exceptionally fine and exquistite jewelry with Tanzanite,Aquamarine,Morganite and other color stones jewelry.

Hemant Phophaliya
 17 East 48th St. #701 New York, NY 10017 USA
 +1 917 498 3301


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