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9 - 12 May 2019

Palexpo  .  Geneva  .  Switzerland

GemGenève is a new generation gem and jewellery show.

Organised in Geneva by industry experts for connoisseurs worldwide,

GemGenève opens up the secret world of international gem and jewellery trading.

Welcome to our world of gems and jewels...

In today’s fast-changing world of luxury, in a climate of intense connoisseurship, and an age of transparency and accessibility, GemGenève opens the doors to the world of international gem and jewellery trading.

GemGenève presents a new-style jewellery show; an exhibition with a difference, highly specialised, focused on quality and integrity, with a roster of globally-renowned exhibitors, antique jewellery dealers, gem merchants, jewellers, pearl specialists.

A show that’s open to both trade and public, located at the heart of Europe, in the cosmopolitan city of Geneva, famed for its long traditions of luxury and craftsmanship. And a show that both honours the age-old traditions associated with gems and jewels and welcomes new talent, embracing modernity, innovation and ingenuity.

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What makes GemGenève different?

  • A specialist show organised by industry insiders, merchants and dealers.
  • Perfectly positioned between the multitude of small exhbitions around the world and the huge, commercial, generic shows.
  • Held at Palexpo, the venue for world-famous conferences and exhibitions. 
  • Along with the EPHJ and the SIHH, GemGèneve completes a trilogy of shows highlighting Geneva’s traditions of expertise.
  • Easily accessible, by air, road and rail, user-friendly, offering all the advantages of the city of Geneva, with its world-class hotels, restaurants and museums, as well as some of the most exclusive jewellery ateliers in the world.

GemGenève will be a fully immersive experience and a personal, warmly welcoming event, not only a trade show or public exhibition, but also a cultural hub, a gathering of connoisseurs and amateurs, jewellery-lovers, gemologists, designers, historians, students and teachers.

A mix of antique, 20th century and contemporary jewellery, of heritage gemstones and newly discovered deposits, a perfect fusion of past and present, with a glimpse into the future. In all GemGèneve welcomes you to the lively interchange of knowledge and stories, ideas and discoveries that keep our millennia-old world of jewels alive.

My name is Eleonor Picciotto, I am the founder and editor of The Eye of Jewelry (@theiofj ) a digital magazine about the jewelry industry, trends and designers. I am taking over the GemGenève account to introduce my favourite pieces from the fair. Considering this Autumn’s trend, the talented yet over discreet American designer Robert Procop is up to date with his watermelon tourmaline pendant set with a micro line of diamond holding the crystal. As if it was almost deprived of any metal, this necklace is to be worn like a talisman on the skin. #watermelontourmaline #trend #stone #gemgeneve #robertprocop #finejewelry #madeinamerica #geneva #spotted #theiofj #theeyeofjewelry #necklace #diamonds #designer #crystal #energy

My name is Eleo...

In the upcoming weeks, I will be taking over the GemGeneve IG. My name is Eleonor Picciotto, I am the founder and editor of The Eye of Jewelry ( @theiofj ) a digital magazine about the jewelry industry, trends and designers. I will be sharing with you what me and my team have spotted during the first edition of the show last May starting with this Robert Procop necklace. He and his dear friend Angelina Jolie picked together this outstanding pear-shape green beryl mounted on yellow gold with cushion-cut beryls. 100% of the proceeds of the « Style of Jolie » collection will benefit charitable work in building schools and shelters for mothers in need around the world. Stay tuned ... #gemgeneve #jewelry #jewelryshow #robertprocop #angelinajolie #theiofj #theeyeofjewelry #spotted #highjewelry #styleofjolie #necklace #uniquepiece #forcharity

In the upcoming...

SHADES OF PURPLE AT GEMGENÈVE (4/4) @vivienne.becker When it comes to fashionable purples, they can roll out a ravishing selection, including spectacular sapphires and spinels. “Spinel has an immense range of shades, from purple to violet and mauve to pure red,” explains Markus Wild, who notes that spinels in sizes over 5 carats are rare on the market. “We have single stones and sets in captivating red, but also layouts in the softer shades of violet and mauve. We love spinel because of its intense luminescence. Its brilliance, even in more muted colors, adds a lot of beauty and sophistication to a design.” The Wilds also brought to GemGenève a set of beautiful Brazilian amethysts, in unusual baroque, organic pebble-like cut and form. Anne Wild, marketing manager describes the resurgence of the amethyst, as “A true awakening; like the awakening of Snow White after decades of sleep.” @paulwildgemstones #luxury #jewelry #purple #jewellery #gems #gemstones #geneva #geneve #vintagejewelry #finderskeepers #vintagejewellery #gemshow #seekfindexplore #gemgeneve #jewlleryshow #seekfind #chercheztrouvez #spinels #amethyst #sapphires


SHADES OF PURPLE AT GEMGENÈVE (3/4) @vivienne.becker Through ten generations, traced back to 1660, members of the Wild family have nurtured their passion for colored stones and the art of cutting them. Based near the stone-cutting center of Idar Oberstein in Germany, the company has expanded through the years, with cutting facilities in Germany and Thailand, shares in African mines and offices around the globe. They’ve extended their repertoire of colored gems too, adding to their early specialty of tourmalines and aquamarines, with all varieties and specimens, including, since the 1990s, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. In the same way, they’ve enriched and refined their art of stone cutting to embrace both traditional classic cuts and innovative, modern shapes and styles. @paulwildgemstones Part 4 next week… #luxury #jewelry #purple #jewellery #gems #amethysts #gemstones #geneva #geneve #vintagejewelry #finderskeepers #vintagejewellery #gemshow #seekfindexplore #gemgeneve #jewelleryshow #seekfind #chercheztrouvez