A.Win Siu Art Jewelry
A.win Siu Art Jewelry

Independent Jewellery designer and illustrator

  • With the mindset and vision of a illustrator, A.win. Siu visualizes expresses and visualizes emotion and sensation with bold color, the combination metal and minerals, which creates a peculiar and fantastic world within each piece.
  • Founder of jewellery brand “A.win Siu”.

Annual Achievement:

Founded Jewellery brand “A.win Siu” in November 2017.
Designed over 100 Jewelleries with distinct personal style in 2018.
Completed jewellery craftsmanship and luxury management courses in France in 2019.
Participated in the exhibition “BAZAAR Jewelry International Designer Salon” in 2019.
Joined the BAZAAR Jewelry League of designers in 2020.
‪Design works were selected by “Poly Auction” 15th Anniversary Autumn Auction in October 2020.‬
Launched of a co-branded jewellery collection with Korean artist Kim Jung Gi in April 2021.
Was Invited to participate China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo) in May 2021.
Two design works collected by BAZAAR Jewelry Trends Guide in December 2021, which the guide has been prepared by BAZAAR Jewelry for a decade.
Participated in the “Peridot The Gift of Hope” Peridot fashion and design special exhibition, three Jewellery design works exhibited at the Shenzhen Jewellery Museum in August 2022.
Participated in “The Joy of Colour – The Evolution of Jewellery in the Era of the Metaverse and NFT’s” 2023.

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