Aso Leon

ASO LEON is an award-winning jewelry artist in China.

In 1995 when he first came into contact with jewelry, he found that he was full of curiosity about jewelry. Since then, he has been in the jewelry industry for 27 years.

ASO pursued unique design concepts and immersed himself in exploring nature. He discovered that not everything in nature is perfect, but has Incompleteness, he uses incompleteness to reflect a different kind of beauty when creating.

He developed titanium in 2005 and applied it to high jewelry, after since he was called the Prince of Titanium in the Chinese jewelry industry.

ASO also has been invited by many universities in China to give lectures.

He has been engaged in jewelry OEM production in Panyu, China for more than 20 years. Today, he emerges as a jewelry artist on the international stage, transforming Made in China into Created in China.

Aso Leon
 Guangdong province, Panyu district, CHINA 511400 CHINA


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