Barbi Diamonds

With offices spread around the globe, Barbi supplies an unrivaled range of polished diamonds to the world’s biggest jewellery brands and designers. the company’s worldwide network along with its fully ranged inventory, provides a quick on-demand service, as well as monthly programs of pre-ordered goods. Barbi, who’s named one of Israel’s top 5 polished diamond exporters for the last decade, is best known for handling some of the world most valuable polished diamonds. The company’s agenda is to always put the client’s needs “on the wheel”. Barbi is cutting, polishing, certifying and shipping by the order. Known as one of the top international companies to cut and trade some of the world’s most valuable diamonds, both colorless and fancy color, barbi’s unique high-end polished diamonds stock covers all shapes from 0.3 carats and up, anything from commercial qualities and up to 100 carats and beyond.

Raanan Brenners
 Tuval 21 Yahalom Building, 28th floor, Ramat Gan 5252236 ISRAEL
 +972 54 3979951


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