Emco Gem Inc.

EMCO Gem Inc. is a global company that specializes in buying, selling and cutting the finest green emeralds from Colombia. Our distinguished principles cumulatively possess more than 70 years of experience in emeralds and are considered pioneers of the industry. EMCO Gem is committed to spreading the appreciation of this truly unique gemstone.
Established in 2000, EMCO Gem continues to push boundaries in every aspect of the emerald business – from how and where the emeralds are sourced all the way to the hands of the perfect client. At EMCO Gem, there is no middle man – we buy directly from the mine, selecting the finest gemstones to sell to our esteemed global clientele. Specializing in singles, matched pairs and layout sets, we are a prime source for fine Colombian emeralds.
Today, the emerald industry is scattered and unreliable, and it is hard to find a steady supply of quality emeralds. With our full time on-the-ground presence in Colombia, we strive to provide a consistent and reliable supply of emeralds at the highest standards of both beauty and quality.

Oren Nhaissi
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