Emil Weis Opals KG

EMIL WEIS OPALS, managed in the 3rd and 4th generation by Juergen Schuetz and daughter Tanja Schuetz is looking back on an almost 120 years old tradition, which guarantees a unique collection of all kinds of quality opals. Our own cutting factory and established partnerships in the mining business in Australia and Mexico secure a steady and constant supply with quality rough and cut opal.
We are also specialized in Mexican Fireopal. Through partnerships in Mexico and regular visits to the mines, a constant supply in facetted Fireopal and in the rare Fireopal cabochons with play of color is possible.

The whole assortment of EMIL WEIS OPALS ranges from Mexican Fireopal Cabochons, Mexican Fire Opal facetted, Black Opal, Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal, Light Opal Opal Beads, Pink Opal, Blue Opal to any other kind of opal one can imagine.

Juergen Schuetz
 Auf dem Hüttenflur 8 Kirschweiler 55743 GERMANY
 +49 6781 33370


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