Emil Weis Opals KG

EMIL WEIS OPALS reaches into the past through three generations and more than
one hundred years of tradition to guarantee you a unique collection of all kinds of
quality opals and experience.

Established partnerships in the mining business in Australia and Mexico secure a
steady and constant supply of quality rough opal. Our own cutting factory guarantees that your opal purchases and your special cutting needs will be cut to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our presence at major trade shows and our worldwide sales operations makes it easy for you to choose an opal inventory that will fascinate and delight your customers.

Juergen Schuetz, one of the owners, manages the company’s worldwide operations
with a hands-on approach. Driving twice every year more than 15,000 km through
the rugged Australian outback from mine to mine to fulfill his goal of supplying the
company’s customers with the most beautiful opals für the most reasonable prices.

EMIL WEIS OPALS is also one of the most important names in Mexican Fire Opal.
With partnerships in Mexico and regular visits to the mines, a constant supply of
facetted Fire Opal and the rare Fire Opal cabochons with play of color is possible.

EMIL WEIS OPALS offers a tremendous range of opal including; Mexican Fire Opal
in cabochon and facetted cuts; Australian Black, Boulder, Crystal and Light Opal in
cabochon form; Rare and unusual opals including Pink Opal and Blue Opal from
worldwide, exotic locations; Opal Beads in all types of opal, fashioned in a variety of
shapes and sizes; We have opals you have seen or imagined and opals that you can
only wait to see to surprise and delight you.

It is part of our family tradition that we always take the time to provide advice and the latest information on the opal market and we bring you unequalled service in providing you with these wonderful gemstones.

Juergen Schuetz
 Auf dem Hüttenflur 8 Kirschweiler 55743 GERMANY
 +49 6781 33370


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