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Finestar is a manufacturing-focused organization that sources fine band, rough diamonds directly from primary sources, manufactures 100% of this rough purchase, entirely in its own fully integrated factories and distributes the resultant polished diamonds all over the world through its global marketing & distribution network. The group has been expanding its operations over the last 25 years and today has a presence in 8 countries, including 3 manufacturing facilities in Surat [India], Gaborone [Botswana] & Windhoek [Namibia] and an upcoming factory in South Africa. While our values are traditional, our approach is modern & dynamic- where we achieve growth through our people, processes, innovation & technology.

Over the last five years, Finestar has accomplished some of its own significant milestones by becoming an International Sight holder of the De Beers Group [India, 2018] and a Rio Tinto Select Diamantiare [2019]. We have also become a part of ForeverMark India and remain one of the largest distributors of the Canadamark hallmark program. On the manufacturing front, we have set up a state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing factory in Surat and Beneficiation factories in Botswana and Namibia. Finestar is a Sight holder in Botswana and Namibia as well. More recently, it has joined the De Beers trusted source programme- Code of Origin; and is part of the Natural Diamond Council. We believe in cultivating long-term relationships built on the foundation of openness and accountability. It has played a major role in developing our Global Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution Network.

We have an inventory of 1 CT+ to over 25 CTS+ and larger exceptional stones diamonds in the color range from D to H and clarity majorly in VVS to VS.

Provenance, Refined Cuts, Traceability, Transparency, Technology, People, Sustainability & Social Impact are the pillars of Finestar’s business strategy and the foundation on which it builds trust. We assure of a high level of authenticity as we responsibly procure our rough diamonds directly from primary sources so that we can ensure that our natural diamonds are conflict-free and have been mined ethically, responsibly and in full accordance with Corporate Governance standards.

Every polished natural diamond we see today, began its journey over a billion years ago in the heart of the earth and travels through the experienced hands of our highly skilled artisans, who are in pursuit of perfection. With continuous innovation and sophisticated technology, we elevate the inherent beauty of the rough diamonds to create masterpieces that have the highest standards of quality and excellence. Our manufacturing processes though technology-driven are craftsmanship-centric where our cuts are refined in a way to enhance the fire, brilliance and light so that the diamond thus fashioned captivates the bearer with its purity and ethereal radiance. Our fancy cuts, especially in larger sizes, are most sought after and have carved a niche in the market because of their quality, innovation & craftsmanship.

We hold our integrity to a high standard and place great value on consumer awareness and encourage our clientele to understand the provenance of the diamonds they proudly adorn. Nearly 100% direct sourcing from mining companies enables us to give complete traceability for almost every diamond purchased from us in the form of the Finestar Traceability Certificate [FTC]. Finestar is involved in nearly every step of the diamond’s journey of custodianship from the mine to the market.

We have embraced the global digital transformation and evolution of the diamond industry by giving special attention to innovation and technology. We use cutting-edge machinery at our manufacturing factories in India, Botswana and Namibia and are in the process of developing and adopting AI-based solutions across all our departments. Finestar is among the first few organizations in the industry to utilize Block chain Traceability. The foundation of the Finestar Traceability Certificate [FTC] is laid on the optimum utilization of emerging technologies- the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain and high-grade security and privacy- to create digital assets that represent each physical diamond registered with it. We are one of the early adopters of TRACR- the Diamond Industry’s Block Chain Traceability platform.

We have taken an initiative to support the development of Botswana & Namibia by investing in its economy and its people, with the faith that they will have a better tomorrow. Our vision for Finestar in Southern Africa is to build life-long relationships with the people and be a part of these growing economies and increase their roles in the Diamond Industry Value Chain. Our model involves training & transfer of skill sets and knowledge to the local community as well as access to resources, opportunities and infrastructure along with the best technology in the industry.

It is our dream is to empower our people to reach their highest potential and to create local opportunity, growth and impact in places and communities where we have a presence. Finestar has introduced ‘The Artisan Initiative’ for its diamonds being manufactured in Botswana and Namibia where every diamond that has been manufactured by Finestar in Botswana and Namibia will carry a ‘Know Your Artisan’ certificate which has a note from the local artisans to the buyers, letting them know how they are positively impacting their lives. We work hard at preserving a diverse and inclusive work environment. Gender equality in our workforces is a goal we are working towards by promoting female empowerment.

While we have been expanding our global presence, we have also been taking steps to reduce our environmental footprint. Our goal of achieving carbon-neutrality is being realized through multiple initiatives to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, utilize alternative energy solutions, recycling, waste reduction and water conservation that will reduce our carbon footprint- one diamond at a time. Finestar’s Diamond Manufacturing Facility in Ichhapore [Surat, India] spread across 30,500 Sq. Mts. has been designed with special consideration to the environment and has earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED GOLD Certification for excellence in Building Design & Construction. Finestar is also passionate about creating a positive social impact by changing lives. More specifically uplifting the community through Education and Empowerment of Women.

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