House of Gems
Hong Kong

The diamond dream and the consumers’ desire for diamonds is the core of our business. Unlike any other mining products, diamond value comes from the luxury market of jewelry. The Diamond dream is very much alive and demand for rare diamonds continue to rise. Diamonds represent; a universal symbol of love and commitment, an elegant symbol of success, timelessness and store of value. We at House of Gems are devoted to these beliefs. House of Gems is a second-generation diamond house founded by Rajesh Sheth in 1986. Over the last decade; the company has acquired and manufactured some on the most prestigious diamonds in the world. We specialize in investment grade diamonds. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality, perfectly cut diamonds that will appreciate over time. Having a global presence allows us to obtain the finest gems around the world. The company’s high standard in diamond selection has proven diamonds to not only be a beautiful luxury, but an appreciating asset as well. Our firm is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and business practices. Customer satisfaction is very important to us; we aim to develop a lifelong relationship based on mutual respect and fairness.

Kunal Sheth
 26/F Canton House 54-56 Queen's Road Central, Central HONG KONG


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