Michael Gad Emerald

Michael Gad Emeralds (MGE) is the preeminent source of fine emeralds globally. The company is renowned for its unparalleled emeralds and focus on providing their clients with uncompromising customer service. The company’s passion is driven by the goal to yield the finest emerald from each piece of rough they encounter, creating the best value for their clients. MGE’s scope of service runs from mine to market, including cutting, polishing, and oiling the gemstones, with representatives from MGE overseeing every aspect of the emeralds’ journeys. In the company’s New York City workshop, the mined rough is then cut and polished by a team of experts with more than a century’s worth of combined experience, yielding an inventory of the best gemstones in the marketplace.

 589 Fifth Avenue Suite 1208 New York, New York 10017 USA
 +1 212-888-7888


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