ProVockative Gems

ProVockative Gems specializes in signed collectible jewelry, natural gemstones, and natural pearls. Over the company’s 30 year history they have become industry experts with trusted expertise on all matters of collecting and trading.

Their passions lie specifically in vintage Bulgari pieces, natural pearls, and old mine emeralds. As avid vintage Bulgari collectors (circa 1960s/1970s), sourcing pieces from one of Europe’s finest houses is a labor of love. Their strength in the natural pearl market is well known, currently holding several auction world records. In the old mine Colombian emerald category, they are known for only working with classic, traditional material. They are leading technical experts on gentle emerald cleaning and utilize proprietary methods that allow emeralds to be cleaned without compromising the stones.

Lindsey Miller
 28 W 44th St, Suite 910 New York, NY 10036 USA
 +1 212 980 4249


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