Regina Gambatesa

“Beauty as a value, a function of the shapes and adornments that relate to the states of the soul” – Regina Gambatesa

Regina Gambatesa is a jewelry designer with a penchant for primordial and refined shapes. Through ingenious creative design techniques, her pieces become living creatures, works of wearable art, objects which are capable of arousing emotions and unique in both concept and form.
In her line of jewelry, Regina explores new forms of communication, stimulating feelings and unconscious responses to create an instinctive bond between the ornament and body.

“I transmit an art, perpetuate know-how and skill that are concentrated in a series of objects. The path that leads me in my search is the perception of the world as an emotion”: affirms the designer.

For Ms. Gambatesa, materials and gems have not lost their amulet-like qualities: in fact, they act as channels for restoring the ritual historically attributed to jewels Regina’s creations are rooted in ancient cultures and far away legends, presenting as clever combinations of rationalism and imagination in their purest form. Rich in spiritual, mythological and poetic contents they communicate what cannot be put into reason.

Nature’s colors and unsurpassing shapes become the great inspirational muse for original textures and geometric structures as well as the predominant feature in jewel design, “Chaos” understood as the original big bang of thoughts and words that generates imaginary shapes, fine details, lines and colors that combine to form a balanced whole.

Regina Gambatesa
 via Andrea da Bari, 107 Bari, Italy/puglia 70121 ITALY
 +39 3476953457


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