Regina Gambatesa

“Ornaments of Feeling”

Through my works and images, I express my vision of a making which looks at man’s mind, spirit, feelings and values as his basic needs.
The design requires an “adjustment “in behaviors, a complete change of course in the attempt to plan the ”repairs” in the form of objects and concepts.

Regina Gambatesa has participated in a number of important events and design exhibits. Among which are: “A Special World” (Groninger Museum, Groninger), “Women’s Design” (Museum of Contemporary Décor, Ravenna ), “Author Crafts” (Town Hall, Siena), “Far Away Rites of the Home” (Alchimia Museum, Milan), “Rebus Sic- Memory Containers” (The Alessi Study Center, Milan); In addition, her objects and ornaments have been published in a number of works (Mondadori, Electa, Ed. Byblos, Allemandi)

Regina Gambatesa
 via Andrea da Bari, 109 Bari, Puglia 70121 ITALY
 +39 3333198140


Modern Jewellery - Diamonds - Coloured Diamonds - Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones - Cultured Pearls - Titanium
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