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Since 1900, Maison Vernain is a family business with four generations of diamond dealers. Based on trust and traditions, Maison Vernain will always be there for you in order to respond to any demand regarding diamonds and offer a bespoke service. Maison Vernain mainly deals with jewellery shops, watch factories and gem-setters but we also help private customers in diamonds purchases or investments.
Maison Vernain is specialised in diamond dealership and its employees will ensure to propose the best stones at the best prices. Maison Vernain’s work consists of choosing and buying the finest gems from diamond-cutting factories around the world. The employees then sort, grade and certify them in order to supply the needs of the customers within the shortest possible time. All diamonds are certified GIA or HRD and respond to a strict ethical duty. In 2020, Maison Vernain purchased a synthetic diamond detection machine in order to guarantee customers to supply only naturals diamonds. You are welcome to contact us for any further information.

Arthur Vernain
 6 Boulevard Carl-Vogt Geneva 1205 SWITZERLAND
 +41(0) 22 329 05 20


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