21 March 2019 - By Vivienne Becker

The GemGenève team got their show on the road once again, and organised a lively, interactive press conference and cocktail party in the Grand Hyatt hotel, Hong Kong during the Hong Kong Jewellery show in late February. In a room themed with this year’s campaign, “Find and Feel”, referring to the sense of discovery at GemGenève and the importance of learning, feeling and discovering gemstones and jewels, the founders, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, held a press conference, explaining their mission in establishing GemGenève and their expectations for this year’s show, which has grown in size to some 200 exhibitors. Vivienne Becker talked briefly about this year’s Designer Vivarium, the showcase of work by contemporary designers, one of whom, new this year, Hong Kong born and based Nicholas Lieou, was on hand to talk about his design philosophy. On show during the evening was a selection of superb antique, vintage and contemporary Jewellery, as well as rare coloured stones and diamonds, loaned by exhibitors to give members of the press a taste of the range and quality of gems and jewels on offer at GemGenève.


In true GemGenève spirit, several of the exhibitors in the audience took the microphone to speak for a few minutes each; amongst them, Marianne Fisher, daughter of exhibitor Paul Fisher, Ephraim Zion CEO of Dehres, a newcomer to this year’s show and Russian designer-jeweller, Alexander Laut, also a new exhibitor.


After the press conference, the evening continued with a cocktail, for press, exhibitors and invited guests, who were invited to connect to an engagement platform via a QR code and take a quiz about the show. The prize was an amethyst crystal, February birthstone and bringer of good fortune. Everyone was a winner!