Amanda Triossi


Amanda Triossi

Amanda Triossi F.G.A. (Fellow Gemmological Association of GB)
Born and educated in Rome, she graduated in History of Art from Cambridge University. Her professional associations include executive positions at Sotheby’s and Bulgari.

In 1992 at Sotheby’s Institute in London, she initiated and set up the ‘Understanding Jewellery with Amanda Triossi’ course, the first intensive course on the history of Western jewellery.

From 1997-2015 she was a consultant for Bulgari which included heading the project for the creation of the Bulgari Corporate Historical Archives.

Additionally, she worked closely with the Bulgari family to form the Bulgari Heritage Collection, the company’s historic collection. From 2009 until 2013 she curated five major exhibitions on Bulgari in Rome, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco.

She has published extensively on the history of jewellery and on Bulgari.

Today she, writes, leads jewellery-centric trips and seminars internationally, authenticates Bulgari vintage items and consults for major jewellery brands and auction houses.