Brice Decque


Brice Decque

Margaux ALLAIRE et Brice DECQUE, partner and founding partner of IMAGEM, based in Paris. We are colored gemstones dealer located in the heart of Paris.

Focused solely on the trade of high quality colored gemstones: Imagem is focused on 3 main activities: calibrated stones (rounds, fancy shapes and high precision cutting for Watchmaking and Jewelry ), colored center stones, and Australian black opals.
Over the years, IMAGEM has built strong partnerships to ensure quality, price and time efficiency for all its HIGH Watchmaking and HIGH Jewelry customers.

In the early 2000’s, Brice Decque joined his father in the business and they together founded IMAGEM. They both take a very particular attention to the quality and naturality of their materials. They diversify the nature of the center gemstones they work: Sapphires, rubies, fine gemstones… , and particularly Black Opals from Australia that became their passion.

Margaux Allaire, after a master degree in International management , joined the team in 2013 and became a partner in 2020. When she discovered the beauty and magic of gemstones, a new passion arose ! She combined her expertise in international business with a Gemmological degree at the ING school in Paris to help IMAGEM grow and develop.

Margaux and Brice love to share their passion for Black opals through conferences and teaching. They also co-edited the book (with all the IMAGEM team) “Black Opal, only from Australia” that emphasizes the beauty of this stone thanks to the numerous years working with the biggest high jewellery brands.