Atelier Allure by Thomas Hauser

ATELIER ALLURE by THOMAS HAUSER is an internationally active laboratory for jewelry creation of the highest standard. Founded in New York in 1998 and located in Vienna since 2005, the fine jewelry label stands for innovative, hand-crafted, and perfectly executed jewelry and goldsmith art.

Traditional goldsmith techniques, material innovations, and Thomas Hauser’s original contemporary design language come together to form an elegant symbiosis in ATELIER ALLURE. An arc of suspense connects traditional handwork with innovative-experimental production methods and design vocabularies resulting in creations that range from limited edition fine jewelry collections and proven unique pieces, to individually commissioned orders away from the mainstream.

The intangible added value to the art comes with the continued refinement of an already precious material. The respective auras of precious metals like gold and platinum, but also of revolutionary new alloys such as black Niellium are as distinctive as the wearer of the jewelry. To capture the multifaceted characteristics of a material, but also of a person, and to imbue them into a masterly gem is the art of ATELIER ALLURE.

The objects of Thomas Hauser have been recognized internationally, with multiple Red Dot Awards, the iF-Award, and the Good Design Award. The jewelry maker is a craftsman, metallurgist, engineer, explorer, and concept artist in one person.

Thomas Hauser
 Feldgasse 10 Suite 16 Vienna, Vienna 1080 AUSTRIA


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