Denise Cassou Couture Jewelry

Passionate traveler, photographer, filmmaker and designer, Denise has always sought art and fashion as inspiration for her numerous projects. For many years she designed and made her own jewelry and the jewelry of her daughters and close friends. From this universe so rich in details and inspiring stories, a brand was born that has its great artistic expression in the form of unique jewels and love for design. The understanding that a jewel carries history, special moments and is passed down from generation to generation inspires Denise. Femininity, delicacy, lightness and modernity are always present in all of her pieces.

Flávia Wolf
 Rua Martin Afonso, 1315, conj 41 Bigorrilho Curitiba, Paraná 80730-030 BRAZIL
 +55 41 99219-7426


Diamonds - Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones - Natural Pearls - Modern Jewellery - Fine Jewelry
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