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Gübelin Gem Lab
The Gübelin Gem Lab is one of the world’s most respected gemmological laboratories, using the latest developments in science and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out its analyses. In our laboratories in Lucerne, Hong Kong and New York, we provide analyses of diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls, and are particularly renowned for our expertise in coloured gems.
The Gübelin Gem Lab is also known for its research and its pioneering innovation. The Provenance Proof initiative is the umbrella brand of a bundle of technologies with the combined aim to bring transparency into the gemstone industry. The Emerald Paternity Test is a ground-breaking traceability technology enabling a truly independent proof of provenance, back to the exact mine. The Provenance Proof Blockchain creates a digital, decentralised logbook based on blockchain technology that records individual peer-to-peer transactions, creating a virtual ledger secured through cryptography.

Gübelin Academy
We offer a fast-track programme imparting invaluable gem knowledge with a uniquely inspiring and sparkling approach. Inspired by Eduard Josef Gübelin, Gübelin Academy aims to share our company’s passion for gemstones with the public. Our key course is a fast-track curriculum covering emeralds, rubies and sapphires, designed for professionals, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of coloured stones. We hold classes in various cities worldwide including monthly classes in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and regular classes in Beijing, Zurich and Lucerne.

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