Herbert Stephan KG

Welcome to Stephan – Germany’s largest and craziest manufacturer of precision cut hard gemstones, cameos, and carvings.

Our family business is the home of 250 specialists that produce more than 1.5 million gems for high end jewelry and watches every year. Local and international designer as well as global luxury brands trust the Stephan family.

We are not a normal lapidary. We believe in sustainable luxury and try to give our clients a unique customer experience. Everything is possible, but only if there is rough, capacity and the right market at the right time.

Our greatest speciality is the manufacturing of precision custom cut gemstones in natural agate, turquoise, jasper, malachite, calcedony, jade, mother of pearl, and more than 300 other natural and man-made materials.

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Bernd Stephan
 Bahnhofstrasse 19 Frauenberg, Rhineland Palatinate 55776 GERMANY


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