Rękami Stworzone by Iwona Tamborska

“Rękami Stworzone” in Polish means “Created by Hands”. Those hands and heart belong to one person- Iwona Tamborska, who describes herself as a storyteller who writes in silver. Sculptural pieces, marked with her name, always have an enchanting tale that adds a hint of magic to the everyday life. Her style could be described as the Art Nouveau with a fresh breeze.
Iwona’s work touches hearts of many people, which resulted in invitations to exhibitions and events in China, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Poland. In 2017 she became a finalist of the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award. In 2022 entered the Homo Faber list of the Swiss Michelangelo Foundation.

Iwona Tamborska
 os. Sikorskiego 13/44 Busko-Zdrój 28-100 POLAND


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