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One of a Kind Collection by J.R. Diamond International Ltd

For the past several years, J.R. Diamond is internationally has become world leader with its One-Of-A-Kind collection. The entire collection is designed around unique top quality Gemstones. Each piece in this line is trendy, yet bold, and has been created around a unique, high quality precious stone; a Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald set into an 18K gold fine setting.
The design of each jewel is carefully crafted to follow the unique features of the center stone selected. The surrounding diamonds are one-by-one selected to match the high quality standards J.R. insists on. The company is keen to ensure each piece has not only a flow, but is also produced to a consisted top quality degree.
The collection is made of a variety of materials for the delicate taste of each customer. Every piece is designed and hand crafted over a period if weeks. In the One-Of-A-Kind collection, unique jewels are used to create beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. J.R. is committed to create an attractive, fine-made and distinctive jewelry collection, so when wearing the unique One-Of-A-Kind jewelry collection, you will be noticed for your exquisite, luxurious, fine taste.

The establishment of top quality jewels, importance of originality and value of the pieces, are what make this collection so special.

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