Jack Abraham

Founder and President
Jack Abraham-The Precious Collection

Jack Abraham has been in the Gem and Jewelry business since 1962. A connoisseur of fine gems, Jack has acquired a collection of gem quality Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Our 6.97ct EC Thai Ruby won the “World’s Most Beautiful Ruby” Award in 2017 and received a trophy from the Princess of Thailand.

Our gems are loose or mounted in Platinum and 18k Gold. We cater to brand names, luxury jewelers and dealers.

Jack is a founding member of the American Gem Trade Association and Chairman of its Ethics Committee which formulated their Code of Ethics and Business Practices. He was Chairman of the successful ICA Ruby Promotional Committee in the U.S. He was also a consultant to the FTC regarding gem disclosure and promotional literature.

Jack has written articles for Gems and Gemology on “Heat Treating Corundum”, Financial Planner, Collector/Investor and has been quoted in trade magazines and publications.

Jack Abraham
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