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Meticulously hand-crafted, for women extraordinaire, MASTERSTROKES is a fine jewellery brand by JEWELS EMPORIUM – a legacy since 1841, from Jaipur, the Pink City of India.
The creation of every piece of wearable work-of-art requires an understanding of materials and form, innovation in composition, a command over aesthetics, design application, workmanship and originality. All these ingredients together make something exceptional – it’s this, that defines MASTERSTROKES.
In the year 2001, after intensive research Jewels Emporium pioneered & began reviving the art of French enamelling in India. With more than 300 hues in its palette and expertise in Basse Taille, Pliqué-a-Jour and Champlevé enamelling techniques, its distinctive creations at MASTERSTROKES are admired, possessed and adorned by art connoisseurs, worldwide. With an atelier and a well-equipped craft studio at the same premises as the flagship store, the entire team works in complete harmony to create these bespoke jewels. Each work-of-art is crafted with the most advanced thinking tools: The Human Hands.
Anup the visionary, custodian & the eldest of the eighth Bohra generation, along with the naturally talented Smriti – his better half, the creative minds & the gifted craftsmen continue living the dream to bring to the world of jewellery a standard of artistic excellence through MASTERSTROKES that quite often exceed the value of material.
Creativity does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. To the very soul of the brand, every woman is unparalleled, one-half woman and one-half dream. Subtly, she always retains her true-inimitable self. MASTERSTROKES is dedicated to this distinctive persona. Each creation at MASTERSTROKES is an artistic marvel and has the power to be this one little thing that can re-assure a woman that she is unique!

Anup Bohra
 Jewels Emporium M. I. Road Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001 IN
 +91 141 406 0000, +91 98292 10000


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