Karl Faller e.K.

Expect more than precious stones being cut!
We, the Lapidary Karl Faller, can proudly look back at a more than 60-year-old history of successful operation dealing in highly valuable colored stones of any kind. Our strengths are Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. The company name is recognized as the incarnation of perfect craftsmanship of most genuine colored stones and characterized on the basis of tradition, creativity, art and expertise.
Good long-standing business connections to the countries of origin help to provide our customers with outstanding beautiful colored gemstones from most significant sites at most attractive prices.
In our cutting-workshop we turn the rough material step by step into a perfect and fascinating „Gem“ or we cut artful fantasy designs and contemporary cutting styles for any images desired on request.

Michelle Althöfer
 Alte Talstraße 36 Kirschweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate 55743 GERMANY
 +49 6781 5080950


Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones
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