KREIS Jewellery GmbH & Co. KG

Luxury meets security. Beyond their breathtaking beauty, these precious gemstones serve as a tangible haven in an uncertain world. Gemstones, with their enduring value, offer a timeless refuge from economic and political turbulence. As an investment, they stand as steadfast guardians of your wealth.

You can utilize our network of professionals to help you acquire investment grade gemstones and let them flow back into the market.
We provide our clients with the same security and information we would wish for, if the roles were reversed.

Family Kreis
 Obere Dorfstr. 5 Niederwoerresbach, RLP 55758 GERMANY
 +49 6785999365


Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Paraiba - Padparadscha - Imperial Topaz - Alexandrites
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