Maison Alix Dumas

French jewellery artist and accomplished craftswoman, Alix Dumas created the Maison Alix Dumas, also called MAD Joaillerie, in June 2020.
The Maison is characterised by the creator’s wish to associate the famed French High-jewelry know-how to an artistic, sculptor’s like approach, in order to create exceptional contemporary pieces. The activity of the creator is divided between bespoke and personal creation pieces.
Alix Dumas’ proposition is to make few pieces each year. They are conceived and crafted in her workshop from noble materials exclusively, carefully chosen according to ethical and responsible criteria. Only favorite, unique pieces or limited editions are to be found. Colour and volume are at the heart of Alix Dumas’s creation.
“The volume of my creations may be unexpected, call it contemporary or audacious, but my pieces are very comfortable to wear, because for me by definition, a jewel has a primitive sensual link to the body. “.
“My intention, since the release of MAD joaillerie, is to have different graphic styles dialoguing together, to develop a creative language where different techniques are intertwined… with a vision: technique serves creativity.”
Already multi awards winner, her creations have been displayed by Christie’s Paris and at PAD Paris.

Alix Dumas
 16 rue des Moineaux Auray, Morbihan 56400 FRANCE
 +33 626 733 241


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