Minty Sky jwl

As large rivers being full-flowing where we first encountered them originate so far from the place of our first meeting with them, so the Russian jewelry brand Minty Sky jwl, being originally from a Siberian city in the very center of the steppe, now shows you the results of many years of painstaking work in a showroom in the center of Moscow.
It took about seven years to create her own style, to develop an inner vision of beauty and an amazing ability to distinguish gems by touch from Elizaveta, the creator and chief designer of Minty Sky jwl.
Liza Chaikina, who is also the author of the book “Russian Emptiness” chose the sky as her main source of inspiration which is clearly expressed in the iconic jewels of the brand.
In our work we use only natural stones in an effort to show their beauty and genuine charm. One of our main focuses is diamonds which are never seen before in Russia . Natural diamonds: gray, yellow, pink, “salt and pepper” diamonds, which are only gaining popularity in the Russian market.

Minty Sky jewels are just the case when “it’s what it seems”. Gold is gold, silver is silver. We basically use uncoated metals, as any coating is short-lived, and true jewelry art never hides manufacturing flaws under a layer of gold filling. The same is with stones – in the fine jewelry segment, along with classic emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond, we use such rare stones as andesine, andalusite, color-changing garnet, tanzanite, etc. And we always choose stones either without ennobling at all, or with a minimum of it. This is confirmed by the certificates of gemological laboratories, which are attached to most of our jewels.

Our values ​​are ethical production located in Russia, love for nature and the world around us and emotional involvement in the process of creating a product.

Elizaveta Pyatkova
 B. Bronnaya 23/1-123 Moscow 123104 RUSSIA


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