Oberig Jewelry

OBERIG JEWELRY is a Ukrainian Jewelry House that has been crafting exclusive pieces, made from precious stones of the highest quality, for over ten years. In its foundation are ancient Slavic symbols that are filled with their own power and energy, and have been watching after and protecting their wearers for centuries. These jewelry pieces bring together four sources of energy – Nature, Kin, Symbols and Faith. OBERIG is extraordinary jewelry with deeper meaning, where every curl and every gem carry a certain message. We believe in what we make. For that very reason every piece holds some of the warmth of our hearts. This is the only way that genuinely precious things are born. Family treasures that you would want to pass down from generation to generation.

 3/1, Zankovetska Street Kyiv 01001 UA
 +38 067 006 70 70


Diamonds - Coloured Diamonds - Emeralds - Rubies - Sapphires - Coloured Stones - Modern Jewellery
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