Racine Geneva

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Racine provides their clients with unique fine jewellery; one of a kind pieces as well as personal commission ;

Husband and wife Miriam Racine Bergesen and Pedro Oselieri Lopes met during their gemmology studies, and after several years of working in the industry in London and Geneva, they finally combined their passions for jewellery design and gemstones to create Racine.

Our creations are one of a kind; we will never create the same jewel twice. We believe that skilful and detailed craftmanship adds value and longevity to our jewellery.

All our pieces are handmade in Geneva; from the hand-painted designs to the detailed work of our experienced jewellery artisans. We carefully select beautiful and special gemstones and in collaboration with our craftsmen, we create colourful, modern, and unique pieces of jewellery.

The style of our pieces is geometrical, colourful, with inspiration drawn from geometrical shapes, architecture, illustration and our backgrounds from Brazil and Norway.

Pedro Oselieri Lopes
 Rue Céard 6 Genève CH


Modern Jewellery
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