Rajesh Popley

Rajesh Popley is a curator by choice, explorer by soul and a connoisseur by nature. He lives by the belief of “Brilliance is a result of inspiration” and derives inspiration from all facets of life – natural and man made – to create and collect objects of beauty and desire that he does so discerningly.
Coming from the third generation of a family of accomplished jewelers of distinguished repute and stature in India and the Middle East, Rajesh has displayed great passion for beauty, art and artisanship from a young age.
At the age of 16, he aced the Gemology Course at the reputed Gemological Institute of India, the country’s foremost authority in Gemology while taking the plunge into the world of diamonds and gemstones. Under the mentorship of his father, he mastered the key nuances of the trade, underlying ethics of selling and astute craftsmanship.

Rajesh Popley
 Dubai 3324 AE


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