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Beverly Hills jeweller, Robert Procop, known for his expertise and passion for the most fabulous natural coloured gemstones on earth, as well as for his VIP clientele, generally prefers to stay out of the limelight. However, this May he is exhibiting at GemGenève, and will be on hand to show clients his Exceptional Jewels collection, the first time he has personally participated at an international show in this way.

Along with his own creations, he will be unveiling the latest additions to the Style of Jolie, the collection he designs in collaboration with Angelina Jolie. The Style of Jolie was launched in 2012 to benefit the charity co-founded by Ms Jolie, The Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. The purpose of the charity is to build schools and provide education for children in areas of devastating conflicts and high refugee concentrations. Both Procop and Ms Jolie pledged to donate 100% of the profits to the charity.

Style of Jolie jewels have a distinctive, “colour block” style, the sleek, architectural gold settings, especially the signature “tablet” form, perfectly balance the purity and strength of emeralds, citrines and green beryls. The refined gold mounts, which Procop describes as “floating edges” are supremely crafted to look as if the gold melts into the gemstones themselves, strong yet fluid and sensual, powerfully contemporary yet effortlessly elegant.

The newest Style of Jolie designs, with emeralds, citrines, as well as the more unusual, chic, black star sapphire and black spinels, will be revealed to the public at GemGenève, in a special display in the Contemporary Designer Showcase, curated by Vivienne Becker for Vivarium. And alongside these new creations, Robert Procop will also unveil the first jewels in the capsule series, the Zahara Collection, designed by Procop, in collaboration with Angelina Jolie and Ms Jolie’s daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt. These young, vibrant designs, chain anklets with gem-pendant, statement rings and slender, beautifully proportioned bracelets, set with a variety of stones, including black spinel and rose quartz, in white and rose gold. A world exclusive for GemGenève. • Emerald and gold ring, Style of Jolie collection, Robert Procop, Los Angeles. The minimalist “tablet” design of this ring is the defining feature of the Style of Jolie collection, created by Beverly Hills jeweller Robert Procop in collaboration with Angelina Jolie, to benefit the charity co-founded by Ms Jolie, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. • Rose quartz and rose gold anklet, Zahara collection, Style of Jolie. One of the first jewels in capsule series designed by Robert Procop in collaboration with Angelina Jolie and Ms Jolie’s daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt. The Zahara series will be unveiled and shown to the public for the first time in the Designer Showcase at GemGenève.

Rose quartz and rose-gold Anklet by Robert Procop

Emerald and gold ring by RobertProcop

Emerald and gold-earrings by Robert Procop


As part of the April press days in New York City held first in the salon of renowned diamantaire, William Goldberg, and then in the offices of the Faerber Collection, the GemGenève team announced the Contemporary Designer Showcase. This showcase, highlighting the work of 9 international designer-jewellers, is curated by Vivienne Becker, as an introduction to her new venture, Vivarium by Vivienne Becker, offering a whole world of jewels, history, advisory and a gallery of individual designer jewels. Gem Genève’s New York press events previewed some of the designer jewels that would be on display in May, showing work by Hannah Martin, London, Belmacz, London and Sean Gilson, New York. The founders, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, were there to explain why this showcase of individual designer jewellers from around the world, is such a vital, vibrant part of the GemGenève concept, and Vivienne Becker was on hand to talk about her choice of designers, their individual creative visions and the jewels themselves.

From Hannah Martin, the journalists saw the Possession ring and bangle, typical of Martin’s signature style of powerful, provocative androgyny. She works predominantly in gold, shown to perfection by dramatic, mechanistic and sculptural form of the new Possession ring and bangle, in which she explores the conflict between ownership – possession – and freedom. The power of the design, and of her generous use of gold, contrasts with the sense of vulnerability that comes from the glimpse of flesh through the open centre of both ring and bangle.

The Alice B. Toklas ring, gold set with coral, by Julia Muggenburg for Belmacz, showcased the designer’s background in fine art and her very particular, idiosyncratic way of fusing influences from modern art and tribal ornament, integrating colour, texture and material into concept, design and form. Belmacz creates jewels with a strong, contemporary urban beat and a sculptural sensuality. The chain necklace with a chalcedony pendant perfectly carved in the form of a miniature Chinese snuff bottle, with a single diamond on the chain, told of Muggenburg’s understanding of the spiritual, amuletic significance of the jewel in all civilisations.

American master goldsmith, Sean Gilson, showed his exuberant black opal and natural pearl ring, which points the way forward into a new visual design language for pearls. Back on trend in a big way this year, pearls are now rebelling against their age-old traditions, breaking through entrenched classicism, finding new creative expression at the hands of individual designer-jewellers like Gilson, for whom pearls have become a speciality. He also showed his signature long gold earrings, resolutely modernist and geometric. Gilson makes all of his jewels himself by hand in his atelier in Connecticut and his workshop in New York City.




After Hong Kong and the East, we turned our sights westward; next stop – New York. In early April, the GemGenève founders Ronny Totah & Thomas Faerber and team, including Jasmine Vidal & Vivienne Becker, headed to New York City, to introduce GemGenève, its story, scope and stellar cast of exhibitors to press, journalists, jewellery editors, fashion editors, and influencers. The event was spread over two days.

The first day was hosted by GemGenève exhibitor, William Goldberg, who welcomed the stream of press into their offices for one-to-one appointments with the founders and with Vivienne Becker, who talked both about the antique jewellery at the show and about the Contemporary Designer Showcase, organised through her new venture, Vivarium. The second day was held in the offices of the Faerber Collection, run by Max Faerber, and here New York antique jewellery dealer and exhibitor Pat Saling came to talk to journalists about 20th century jewellery.

On both days the team announced the unveiling at GemGenève of the latest additions to the Style of Jolie collection, a philanthropic collaborative venture launched in 2012 by Angelina Jolie and Beverly Hills jeweller, Robert Procop. Amongst the new Style of Jolie designs will be the capsule Zahara collection, young, street-style and vibrant, designed by Ms Jolie, Robert Procop and Ms Jolie’s daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, shown publicly for the first time, in a world exclusive, at GemGenève.

As in Hong Kong, there was a sumptuous display of jewels and gems, most from U.S. based exhibitors, for the journalists to see and handle – all highlights of GemGenève exhibits including: